(Not Really) Resolutions

Wicked Wednesday Prompt: 
The beginning of a new year is a fresh start for many of us. Not everyone believes in New Years resolutions, but even so, it is a time to stop and think what you want to accomplish, what you want to try and what you want to stop with. Even if you don’t have any resolutions or ideas for this year, I want to say: believe in yourself! Let’s start this year off on a positive note.


I used to make new year’s resolutions. Logically it made sense to me to want to make changes because it’s a new year, but emotionally, when I faltered, I always felt like a failure and instead of brushing myself off, I’d just give up. I stopped that nonsense years ago. I’m already hard enough on myself and full of enough guilt, I don’t need the pressure of resolutions to add to it.

So even though these are absolutely not resolutions (and yes, I realize the mental gymnastics I’m doing here), here are some things I’d like to work on in 2016–in no particular order.

  1. I am no longer going to sit by quietly when someone says or writes something racist, homophobic, xenophobic, sexist or any other -ist or -ic because I don’t want to cause drama. I’m opinionated on Facebook, but I don’t like to be rude and shit on other people’s posts. I’ve realized that my silence has been perceived as tacit approval by some people and I’m done with that. I will try my hardest not to be rude or argumentative. I believe that many of those comments come from people who just don’t know better so I will do my best to gently educate. But the ones who know better and are just assholes? Open season. I expect I’ll lose some friends over this and I’m good with that. I don’t want to be friends with assholes anyway.
  2. My should injury in October sidelined me for too long and when I was finally recovered, I had lost so much progress that I faltered yet again. I’m a walking, talking example of Newton’s First Law of Motion. Tomorrow the real world returns and I’m starting back up (slowly) with my #fwocrew workouts.
  3. I’m making time to be creative every single week. It’s such a huge part of who I am and I need to nurture that more often. Photography, drawing, painting, even coloring in this great present from my BFF, helps calm the chaos that is my life.
  4. I want to write more. The last time I posted my writing goals on here, I succeeded. So I’m going out on a limb and say that I will post at least two text posts a month. I’ll seek out more writing memes to participate in on top of personal writing. It won’t all see the light of computer screens beyond mine, but writing helps me process my emotions and I must get back to a more regular schedule with it.
  5. I’m going to continue to work on how I communicate with TN. I made so much progress last year and I don’t want to get complacent. I know that this is journey, not a race and I need to keep at it.
  6. Related to the previous entry, I will continue to gently push TN to communicate his own needs. He tends to put my wants/needs above his own, which is obviously very satisfying for me in the moment, but I don’t want him to grow to resent any unspoken needs or wants that he has.
  7. I hope that we will both continue to explore and push the boundaries of our sexuality. I’m not sure what that might entail this year, but I know that last January I had no idea where I would be as a person or where we would be as a couple.
  8. And then there’s the usual stuff. Yell less. Love more. Eat better. Blah blah blah. 😉
  9. I will absolutely continue to nurture the online friendships I’ve formed and I hope that I’ll meet at least one of my online friends in 2016.
  10. I’m going to visit this list monthly just to do my own check on my progress.

TN and the kids have been off of work/school for over two weeks and today is our last day of our break so I’m going to eke out as much fun and relaxation as I can.

Happy New Year to my friends and readers! Thanks for stopping by.

NDG xx




It really was a Wicked Wednesday

It was late morning, I was sitting at my desk, working on my computer and talking to a friend on the phone. TN comes out of his den and hovers near my seat. I look up absently and ask if he needs anything.

“No. I’m good.”

I go back to talking and my computer. A minute later I hear “ahem.” I look over at him and he has his shirt off. I do a double take and smile at him. He points down. My eyes follow his fingers from shoulder height until they reach his jean shorts where I can see a huge erection creating a tent in his shorts. My eyes get wide as he points at me and then upstairs.

I mouth, “Yes,” and start making my excuses to get off the phone. The next time I turn around to face him, his shorts are open (he’s commando) and there is his cock proudly standing at attention. I actually lose my train of thought and stutter some lame excuse to my friend and hang up.

He gives my ass a good swat as he follows me upstairs to our bedroom. We stand next to the bed as I peel my clothes off in front of him.

Smack! Another good shot to my right cheek. The sting is instantly followed by a rush of endorphins and I can feel myself getting wet. I lean against our tall bed for support as he runs his fingers up and down my body.

He kicks my feet wider apart and roughly pushes me over so I’m bent over the bed. It’s the perfect height for me to bend at the waist and give him access to my pussy. I expect to feel his fingers enter me, but instead his mouth opens over me, his tongue lapping at my wetness. I moan into the bed as the sensations overwhelm me.

Suddenly a finger enters me. Then another. There is nothing slow and sensuous about it. He goes straight for my g-spot and hits the target perfectly. I come in record time and cover his hand with ejaculate. He doesn’t stop and the next wave overtakes me as I squirt some more. There’s something about that sensation that causes me to giggle. It’s completely spontaneous and beyond my control.

While I’m still gasping for breath, he drops to his knees again and pushes his tongue inside my throbbing cunt. One hand works over my clit while the other spanks me and then tenderly traces over my ass.

The next thing I know, he’s sliding his cock inside me. I push back against him as he pounds deep inside me. He reaches down and pulls my hair, making my back arch. I’m trying to speak but the words are incomplete.

“Oh. My. Guu-ahd. Yesssss.” He laughs at my inability to speak and slaps my ass as punctuation. More pounding. More grunting. More orgasms.

Suddenly, he stops. Fuck. No. He has a massive cramp in his thigh and has to lie down. He loses concentration and starts to lose his erection. I use the time to catch my breath and turn on a fan. As we lay there naked with the cool air blowing across our sweaty bodies, we laugh because we’d both gone commando today with the hope that we’d get a little action before the kids got home. He admitted he had been planning this since he got up. A thrill went up my spine because it’s so unlike him.

“Will you suck my dick?”

“Yes!” I hiss as I slide down next to his cock and trace my tongue along his shaft from his balls to the tip. After two or three good licks, he’s getting hard again. I open my mouth and slide his cock between my warm lips.

“Mmm. I can taste myself” I mumble and he groans. My tongue laps at his cock as I push it farther in my mouth. I push down and until he hits the back of my throat. I can’t take the sensation for long and pull him out for a second to catch my breath before I start again. One hand playing with his balls while the other grasps the base of his cock and matches the rhythm of my mouth. Deeper. Deeper.

My tempo had increased and I tasted a tiny drop of his salty come. He pulled my head up and growled, “I want to fuck you in the ass.” He pulls me up and bends me over the bed again. He grabs the Hitachi and positions it against my dripping cunt without turning it on. He drips lube between my ass cheeks and I already feel another orgasm building as he pushes gently against my puckered hole. Gently he begins to push inside. Once he’s past the first ring of muscles, he slides in completely.

I switch on on the wand and he roars “YESSSSSS” as he feels the vibrations go through me and reach his cock.

“I’m not going to last long.”

“It’s OK. Just keep fucking me.”

And he does. True to his word, within minutes I can feel him tense and know that he’s about to come. I have been so focused on him that I haven’t come when he shoots his load deep inside me, but it doesn’t matter. His orgasm goes on and on. There’s something about making him come like that that makes me feel so womanly. I’m always amazed that my body can have evoke such a reaction from his.

We collapse on the bed together. A few minutes pass before he’s able to collect his thoughts enough to even speak.

“Sorry, that wasn’t very good for you.”

“Are you fucking kidding me? I just got fucked in every hole in the middle of the day. It was very good for me.” With a grin I add, “But you still have to make it up to me later, OK?”

“Fuck yeah.”