Not feeling very sexy tonight, but I do think my boobs look pretty good in this one. Trying to regain some of the confidence and sexiness of the girl who flashes her tits.

Can’t decide I like it better in color or black and white. What’s your favorite? 

imageHave a great weekend!

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Boobday #1

I’ve been struggling with writer’s block lately. Yet the number of posts in my Draft folder is growing because I know the solution to it is to just keep writing. The likelihood that these will ever be posted decreases the longer they sit, but at least I’ll have a record of my swirling, random thoughts. Hopefully someday I’ll be able to turn them into something worth posting. In the meantime, here are boobs. Because really, if you get can’t the words out coherently, at least you can post pics of your tits, right?

I love what Hyacinth has created with her Boobday Meme and I’m excited to join in for the first time. I’ve not always loved my boobs. As an athlete in high school and college, I felt like they were too big and always in the way. I’m still not sure that I love them, but I’ve definitely grown to appreciate them. They’ve nourished three babies. TN loves them. I’m usually my own worst critic so accepting and embracing their imperfections has been a big step for me.


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