I’ve spent a good portion of the day writing, trying to sort out feelings and problems and ways to cope. All I’ve really managed to do is make myself even more depressed about the state of some parts of my life. Instead of posting that dirty laundry for the few people who still bother checking this blog, I’m posing some questions.

How do you balance the various roles of your life? Spouse, friend, daughter, professional, parent, breadwinner. Whatever it is you do, how do you make it all click? What do you do when it’s not? Do you even think it’s possible to maintain them all at a level that sustains you?

For all of the navel-gazing I’ve done today, the only thing I’ve realized is that I will never be satisfied. I will never find that balance I crave. And I don’t know whether to be happy I finally realized that or bawl my eyes out that it’s never going to happen.


4 thoughts on “Balance

  1. Drew is spot on…never give up! I don’t know that I’ve ever found “balance” but have found some ways to help find my center.

    I have recently found directed meditation and labyrinth walking help center me when the world is swirling around me. Ironically, I learned it from 25 when visiting him during rehab. There are apps for directed meditation with each session being 5 minutes +/-.

    As for labyrinth walking, Google them for your area. It is truly amazing how clearing my mind for the time it takes to walk one…letting my spirit find the quiet solace it needs…helps bring things back to center.

    We are hear to listen. **hugs**


  2. I’ve stopped looking to find the “perfect” balance. Some aspect of my life is going be weighted more than the others at any given time. The weighting tends to shift, though, depending which area has more demands, or is more needed, or has been getting “shorted” for a while. Those shifts and changes got less wild once I realized that “good enough” rather than “perfect” really was good enough for me. I still want things, especially some things I doubt I’ll ever have or experience, but that doesn’t keep me from appreciating what I do have now.

    Like thechastecyclist, meditation helps me a lot, too. 🙂


  3. For a quick attitude adjustment, I find that walking clears my head. It’s also something that I need to do for my health, so I’ve made a habit of walking for about 20 minutes every day. There’s something about walking that untangles the knots in my brain.

    It’s not possible to do it all. All is infinite, we are finite. I’m happier when I do less. Easy to say, sometimes hard to do.

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