An Update of the Boring Sort

Time for another weekly update on my To Do list. This might be mundane as hell, but it actually seems to be working! Yay me! Yay anonymous, sexy readers who read, comment and like my posts. It’s encouraging and makes me feel accountable to you, myself and the interwebz.

1. Post at least four times on the blog. At least two of them must be written, not just photo memes.
75% DONE–This is actually my fifth post since wrote the original To Do list. But I’m being good and not counting the update posts as part of my writing so I’ve actually written two posts and posted one Sinful Sunday.

2. Complete two drafts. Posting is optional.
50% DONE–I’m calling this 50% because I’ve taken inspiration from a couple of drafts and used it in the posts I’ve written.

3. Schedule date nights every two weeks with TN that allow for time to talk, not just watch a movie.
OOPS–We haven’t actually scheduled anything regular, but we have had two dates this month: one to see The Martian and dinner and live music out with good friends. The dinner was on Friday night and we had an awesome time. I suppose neither of these actually fit the criteria of the goal, but we got dressed up and we left the kids at home. Friday night even included some snogging in the bar watching the live band so I’m calling it a date.

4. Talk with TN about Big Stuff we’re dealing with. (OK fine. Big Stuff we’re avoiding dealing with. That’s the problem.)
SUCCESS–I posted about the talk here. Of all my goals for this month, this was the most important and I’m really proud of myself for doing it.

5. Organize the mud room.
PFFFT–This is so far down on the priority list that I don’t even know why I added it here.

6. Finish canning and labeling garden veggies.
Winter is coming, so I’ve now harvested 95% of the garden. Still have herbs, kale and few peppers out there. I’m going to be busy making lots of salsa and hot sauce for the next couple of weeks.

7. Fall clean up in the gardens.
85% DONE–It was gorgeous today so I spent seven hours out there. Lawn mowed, leaves raked, plants all composted, raised beds fertilized and tilled, two new raised beds built, pots washed. I have maybe another four of five hours of work to do out there. It’s supposed to be nice this week and I think I can make time to get it done before the weekend.

8. Workout five times a week.
120%–For the second week in a row, I set a goal of five workouts and I actually did six. One of my Twitter pals helped me with a new lifting workout so I’ve done the three routines he suggested. (Push, Pull, Legs) Last spring I was so sore at night after spending a day working in the garden. Tonight I feel like I worked out, but it’s the good kind of sore, not the “OMG, I can’t move sore.” Woohoo, progress!

Thanks for putting up with the boring stuff. Back to the regularly scheduled smut soon. 🙂

NDG xx


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