Sinful Sunday #6–Sinful Sunning

Last month we spent a glorious 9 days floating in a houseboat on a quiet lake in northern Minnesota. Since my late 20s, I’ve avoided getting too much sun. It’s been nearly two decades since I spent a day just laying in the sun. I wear sunscreen or clothes to prevent more damage to my skin. But there was something about the idyllic environment, the gentle rocking of the boat, and the warm sun that just wasn’t as intense as it is back home that made me give up all thoughts of practicality. Several afternoons while TN and the boys fished, I climbed to the top deck of the boat armed with sunscreen, my Kindle and a cold drink and basked in the sunshine. I admit there was some topless sunning, but since this month’s theme is clothes on, I decided to use this photo instead. 😉

ETA: the cold medicine I’m taking seems to have messed with my ability to check the calendar and I jumped the gun on September’s theme. ☺️


Touch the lips to see who is sinning this week.



22 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday #6–Sinful Sunning

  1. That sounds utterly blissful. I’m a total sun worshipper, though that has to be put into the context that I live in Sweden where there is hardly any sun 😉 Lying on a boat reading a book in the sunshine is my idea of heaven.


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