TMI Tuesday—So Many Questions

1. Do you believe in ESP (extrasensory perception)? Do you have those abilities?
I don’t really believe in ESP. I think that some people are more empathic than others, but I don’t think it’s some special power. I tend to be good at reading people, both non-verbally and verbally. I kicked ass at office politics because I could see through the bullshit.

2. Do you laugh when someone tickles you?
Yes, but I hate it with a passion. There’s some about the lack of control that makes me really uncomfortable. Now if it’s a gentle caress that happens to tickle, I don’t mind. I love being touched.

3. Do you like teamwork?
It depends on the context. Sometimes I like to maintain control (sensing a theme here?) and working on a team is a nightmare. On the other hand, there are lots of jobs that are more fun when I’m not alone.

4. What one thing can you do today to feel you have been productive? Will you do it?
We leave for vacation Friday night so I started packing today. We’re renting a houseboat so we have to take all of our food and supplies so it’s a big job. Despite having a horrible migraine, I was pretty productive today.

5. Finish this phrase: “Hell hath no fury like … ”
me when I’m fighting for my kids. I have two special needs sons and I refuse to back down if the schools don’t accommodate their needs. Fortunately, because I am always diplomatic and professional when we’re establishing accommodations, this isn’t an issue very often. I always try to give them a chance to make it right, but if they don’t, I never hesitate to escalate until the issue is resolved.

Bonus: Pick one – Sex:
1. wild or mild—Both, although I lean toward wild.

2. day or night—Again, easy question. Both. During the week, it’s at night. On the weekend, there’s nothing like sleeping in and waking TN up with a blowjob. When the kids are in school and TN is working at home, it’s the middle of the day.

3. top or bottom—I prefer on top or behind for positions. Sexually, I’ve evolved into a switch. So to continue the theme, both. 😉

4. weekly or monthly—I’d prefer daily, but we tend to average every other day.

5. noisy or silent—I’m noisy. With three kids in the house, I can’t always be as loud as I’d like, but I’m definitely not quiet.


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