Switching it up

It’s one of those years where the 4th of July turns into a three day weekend. TN is off of work today and we have absolutely nothing on the calendar except going to the fireworks tonight. Even though it was a day made for sleeping in, I was wide awake at 6. I caught up on the blogs I follow, read what happened overnight on Twitter and watched everyone freak out on Reddit.

I must have drifted back to sleep because I woke up with him wrapping me in his arms. While I snuggled and dozed, he lightly ran his hands up and down my arms, my back, my thigh. He stroked my hair just how I like it. It was such a lovely spot to be…half awake, totally relaxed, TN languidly caressing me. And then he gripped the back of my neck just hard enough to make me feel controlled. The kind of control that sends a jolt of electricity straight to my cunt. I woke up completely, spread my legs and offered myself to him. Without saying a word, his fingers parted my lips and found my clit. As he teased and stroked, there was no sound except little gasps as he played with me. I rolled apart from him and he sucked my nipple as he slid two fingers deep inside me and found my g-spot. Just as I was about to come, he stopped.

“Since it’s Independence Day, you should probably be doing this yourself.” Smart ass.

“I know you try to block that out since you lost the war, but today is only observed Independence Day. Get your fingers back to work.”

Without missing a beat, he replies, “Well then I think I should observe you being independent.”

This is what I love most about him, about us. I love that we laugh in bed. I love that we play off of each other mentally and verbally so perfectly no matter where we are. We have fun and that is sexy no matter how our sex life ebbs and flows.

In the end, he did go back to fingering me. I came over and over. I ejaculated on his hand and soaked the sheets. When I finally couldn’t take any more and my breathing had returned to normal, I reached over to him surprised to find his erection. I grabbed his hard cock and began slowly stroking, spreading the dripping precome over his shaft. He moaned and raised his hips slightly to meet my hand. As I stroked, I said, “I guess you’re right. We should get up now.”

He moaned something unintelligible. “I think I’ll just tease you all day so you’re constantly hard and thinking about tonight. Imagine what fun that will be.”

But this feels so good. It will feel even better inside of you.” he whimpered.

I leaned over and whispered in his ear, “It will feel even better tonight after you’ve smoldered all day.” Then I rolled out of bed much to his shock.

I could get used to this dynamic.


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