TMI Tuesday

this-is-tmi_tmi 1. Tell us about something that recently happened with you that is truly “too much information”.
This may not be too much information for you, but it certainly was to the unsuspecting lady sitting in front of me at a piano recital over the weekend. I went commando under my maxi skirt. No big whoop until it turned out to be ridiculously hot and humid in the concert hall. I hitched my skirt up to my knees and starting fluffing it for some air. The rows rise at a pretty steep angle. The woman in the seat ahead of me turned around to talk to someone just as I lifted my skirt giving her a view straight up my skirt. (No such thing as crossing your legs like a lady when it’s 85 degrees and rising in a crowded hall auditorium.) I  have no idea what she saw. She did give me a sideways glance at the refreshment table later so I guess I’ve made an impression on the other music moms. Heh.

2. Share with us a tale of “too much information” that someone shared with you (and you wished they hadn’t).
I have a good friend who is pretty open about her love of blowjobs, sex and porn when she’s around our group of women friends. We recently included spouses at a gathering in an attempt get to know everyone better. The wine and cocktails were were flowing fast. She very drunkenly started telling everyone about her mad skillz at blowjobs, described her husband’s cock in very specific detail and regaled us with the story of their recent attempt to recreate a scene from bad porn. I’m all for being sex positive, but I don’t need to know the specific idiosyncrasies of his cock, especially when I see him in the carpool line at school regularly.

3. Do you or your significant other use the toilet while the other is in the bathroom doing something else? Do you mind?
Our master bathroom has a separate water closet, so we can actually use the toilet in private. We rarely shut the door though. You can’t see into it from anywhere but the shower, so we’re able to maintain visual privacy and still have a conversation. The Nerd is British, so this was a big change for him. When we first moved in together, he’d go into the bathroom and lock the door. I promised I’d never barge in, but that’s what he was used to from his childhood, so that’s what he did. I know I embarrassed him with my open door policy at first, but after nearly two decades here, he’s come around to my more open American ways.

4. Will you make a bowel movement when your significant other is in the bathroom?
No! We both definitely want privacy for that.

5. Toilet paper, yes or no?
Is not using toilet paper really a thing? Yuck. I’m going to use this opportunity to say that TP should always be hung up so it unwinds OVER the roll. The Nerd thinks it should unroll under. Clearly, he is wrong. Since replacing TP seems to be too challenging for anyone in this house, I end up replacing 90% of the rolls. Therefore, I get to do it my way. In the off chance that someone actually does replace it, I will switch it if they put it on the wrong way. 😉

Bonus: What did you do this weekend? Did you have fun?
Went to a graduation party. Watched my beloved Chicago Blackhawks up the series to 3-1 Went to the above-mentioned piano recital. Lots of fun, but not enough downtime. Plus the weather sucked.


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